Legal Contract Disclaimer

Legal Contract Disclaimer: Understanding Its Importance for Your Business When entering into a legal contract, it is important to include a disclaimer clause. A legal contract disclaimer states that the content of the contract is not intended to create a legally binding agreement. The purpose of the disclaimer is to protect both parties in […]

Blurb Agreement

Blurb Agreement: What You Need to Know If you`re a writer or self-publisher, you may be familiar with the term “blurb.” A blurb is a brief promotional statement or endorsement that appears on the cover of a book or in its marketing materials. The purpose of a blurb is to give potential readers a […]

One Year Fixed Term Teaching Contract

When it comes to finding a teaching job, many educators may come across a job posting offering a “one year fixed term teaching contract.” While this may seem like a temporary position, it can actually offer a lot of benefits for both the teacher and the school. First and foremost, a one year fixed […]

Eu Us Trade Agreement 2018

The EU-US Trade Agreement 2018: What You Need to Know The EU-US trade relations have been tense over the past few years, with both sides imposing tariffs on each other`s products. However, in July 2018, the two sides agreed to launch negotiations towards a trade agreement. Here`s what you need to know about the […]