State`s Income Tax Reciprocity Agreement with Illinois

In today`s world of remote work and digital nomads, the issue of state income tax reciprocity agreements has become increasingly relevant. If you live in one state but work for a company based in another state, the question of which state gets to tax your income can get complicated. That`s why it`s worth knowing about Illinois` income tax reciprocity agreement with certain states.

First, let`s define what income tax reciprocity is. Essentially, it means that two or more states have agreed to exempt residents from the other state(s) from paying income tax. This is particularly useful for people who live in one state but work in another, as they may otherwise be subject to double taxation.

Illinois has income tax reciprocity agreements with four neighboring states: Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, and Wisconsin. This means that residents of those states who work in Illinois are only subject to income tax in their home state, and not in Illinois.

For example, let`s say you live in Michigan but work for a company with a branch in Illinois. Thanks to the Illinois-Michigan income tax reciprocity agreement, you will only need to pay income tax in Michigan and not in Illinois – even though you`re earning income in Illinois.

In order to take advantage of this agreement, you typically need to fill out a form in the state where you live declaring that you work in another state. Your employer may also need to fill out some paperwork to ensure that the appropriate deductions are made from your paycheck.

It`s worth noting that not all states have income tax reciprocity agreements, and even those that do may only have agreements with certain states. Therefore, it`s important to check the tax laws of both your home state and the state where you work to ensure that you`re following the rules and not paying more taxes than you need to.

In conclusion, if you live in one of the four neighboring states with an income tax reciprocity agreement with Illinois, you may be able to avoid paying income tax in Illinois on your earnings. Make sure to fill out the appropriate paperwork and check with your employer to ensure that you`re taking advantage of this agreement correctly. Happy tax season!